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Premium WallBanger™ System
Premium WallBanger™ System

PART NO: 1005

Your door knock will never be the same again. Using the Defense Technology™ 7001CI charge, the WallBanger™ will breach a wooden or metal door, window, or even create a shooting port through a wall. Providing stand off, the breacher is able to reach the threshold far enough away to ensure a smooth entrance. Extended, it will deliver a charge to a second floor window. Using interchangeable heads, the WallBanger™ has amazing versatility and durability to overcome the challenges officers encounter. Four attachments are available for use with the WallBanger™:
  • The Single WallBanger™ (one Defense Technology™ 8901C1 device)
  • The Double WallBanger™ (two Defense Technology™ 8901C1 devices)
  • The OC Blaster (rake and break plus OC deployment)
  • The DoorKey™ (flash-bang breaching device)


Part No.



Premium WallBanger System


Bang-N-Breach System


WallBanger Tool Kit


Standard Double WallBanger Bang Pole Kit


Deluxe Double WallBanger Bang Pole Kit


Remote DoorKey System



Single WallBanger™


Double WallBanger™


OC Blaster



Premium System includes: Single and Double WallBanger™, OC Blaster, DoorKey™, WallBanger™ Tool Kit, all poles, attachments and cases.

Certification Requirements
Agencies desiring to purchase and utilize the WallBanger™ must have at least one member complete an eight hour instructor’s certification course. For ease of attendance, these are hosted by numerous departments around the country. For more information, contact Safariland Training Group at 800-733-3832 ext. 11760 or 11798.

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