Our History

Celebrating a Legacy of Saving Lives.

The Safariland Group, 50 years later, is now comprised of numerous highly regarded brands of protective products that serve law enforcement, military and the sporting goods markets, including leading brands such as ABA®, Second Chance®, Mustang Survival®, Med-Eng®, Bianchi®, Break Free® and KleenBore® to name a few. Together, these and the other leading brands under The Safariland Group name have provided innovative products that have exceeded the needs of our customers and saved more than 1,880 lives.

Today, as always, we are dedicated to providing quality, technologically-advanced products, which serve the ever-changing needs of our customers around the world. Thank you for helping us reach this momentous milestone.

Together, We Save Lives.™

Together, We Save Lives.

The Safariland Group, a company with a rich heritage in the law enforcement and sporting markets for 50 years, comprises a group of well-respected brands known for their innovation and quality. We are committed to focusing on the customer first in all we do. Our Mission, Together, We Save Lives, is much more than statement; it is a creed we live by.

A History of Excellence

Legacy. Tradition. Excellence. To some, these may be mere words, remnants of a time when companies embraced their history and delivered on their promises. But, at The Safariland Group we live those values every day. We live them when we empower over a thousand people to design, engineer, research and deliver our protective equipment products to those that protect us. We live them as we continuously seek new innovations to add to the premier group of Safariland brands that have been protecting law enforcement, military and security professionals for over 50 years. We live them when we help save lives. Our Safariland Saves Club® has chronicled over 1,800 individuals whose lives have been saved in part through using our products. We're proud of who we are and what we do.

The Safariland Group's rich heritage didn't become what it is today simply from assimilating many protective product brands into one organization. Our Company has grown from our collective pledge to achieve excellence and our commitment to focus on the customer first. It is a common thread that binds us together on our journey. It has gotten us to where we are today. From one brand's small-town beginnings to another born from the love of a son to his father - this is OUR Company. This is The Safariland Group. And Together, We Save Lives™.

From Foundation to Innovation

In 1964, following his father's request for a custom holster, Neale Perkins launched a holster business from his garage in Sierra Madre, California. He named his new company Safariland, after the African safari excursions he and his father enjoyed together. Within just a few short months, Neale's custom holster was a hit and Neale went from making a few hundred holsters a month and selling them from his home - to more than 5,000.

In 1969, just five years after Neale began Safariland, another industry leader was born, American Body Armor®. Established as the high-performance standard in hybrid-engineered, concealable body armor for both men and women, ABA quickly became the premier brand throughout the law enforcement community. ABA produced the thinnest, most trusted concealable body armor combined with the most impenetrable armor power. Located in the small town Yulee, Florida, the legacy of lightweight, uncompromised ballistic performance was born. Today, the ABA brand drives the standard in advanced, modern-engineered body armor design for law enforcement, military and security professionals.

In 1996, American Body Armor® was purchased by Armor Holdings, Inc. Through the leadership of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Warren B. Kanders, Armor Holdings delivered on their strategic plan for growth, acquiring many of the most recognized and respected equipment brands in the law enforcement industry - including Neale Perkins' Safariland in 1999. Each successive company acquired by Armor Holdings brought with it an innovative spirit and a passion for its customers and products.

In 2007, BAE Systems, PLC acquired Armor Holdings, Inc. (AHI) and BAE Systems Products Group was formed to represent the collection of AHI companies that sold products to the law enforcement and sporting markets. The acquisition created a significant opportunity to grow the business organically in our markets. In addition, it enabled Armor Holdings' customers to benefit from the talent, resources and technology a leading defense contractor provides.

In 2008,the BAE Systems Products Group embarked on a mission to align itself under one name to better serve its markets, a name that would signify both to its employees and customers what it means to be a leader. The name "Safariland", with its reputation for quality and innovation, was found to be the most recognized and respected brand name in the market. As a result, Safariland was chosen as the umbrella company name to represent our 19 world-class brands.

In July 2012, BAE Systems completed the sale of Safariland to an affiliate of Kanders & Company, whose CEO is the same Warren B. Kanders that founded Armor Holdings, Inc. The focus of The Safariland Group will be on maintaining our legacy of superior products with a focus on growth in the US and internationally, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. President Scott O'Brien, who has been with Safariland for more than 35 years, will continue to provide strategic growth leadership, capitalizing on an earned reputation for both vision and tenacity.

In 2013, several important milestones occurred in The Safariland Group’s plan to grow the business through acquisitions and greenfield development.

The first of these milestones was the addition of Mustang Survival®. For more than 45 years, Mustang Survival has been transforming innovative ideas and technologies into high-quality and practical lifesaving products for recreational, professional, law enforcement and military users. This acquisition was a solid initial step in the strategy to double the size of the business throughout the coming years and is consistent with the plan to utilize The Safariland Group as a platform on which to pursue selective acquisitions of other brands and products that fit the core mission, vision & values.

In August of the same year, The Safariland Group welcomed Med-Eng® to the group. When deciding upon an acquisition, it is very important the company being acquired is a good cultural fit. Med-Eng joined The Safariland Group portfolio with terrific synergy to the core mission of saving lives for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. From the Med-Eng® EOD/IEDD product line to the Crew Survivability Blast Attenuation Seats, these business segments are a great compliment to the current product offerings and are an outstanding fit with The Safariland Group’s culture.

Finally, in September, The Safariland Group was pleased to announce they had completed the acquisition of Tactical Command Industries, Inc. (TCI) a manufacturer of various custom, high-performance tactical communication headsets, audio solutions and commercial off-the-shelf tactical communications products.

The Safariland Group will continue to produce high-quality and inventive products for our law enforcement, competitive shooting, outdoor sportsman and military customers. The Safariland Group stands today on a foundation built from the passion, spirit and values that began almost 50 years ago with our founder, Neale Perkins, making a holster for his father in a small California garage.

For additional information on our history, please visit The Safariland History.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission: Together, We Save Lives.™

Our Vision: Be the global leader in innovating and delivering the best products for public safety professionals who dedicate their lives to protecting others.

Our Values:

  • Safety is How We Live
  • Passion for Product and Innovation
  • Focus on the Customer
  • Integrity
  • Speed and Simplicity
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork and Collaboration