12-Guage Aerial Warning/Signaling Munition, 100 Meter

The 12-gauge Aerial Warning/Signaling Munitions series are designed to produce 170 dB of sound, and 2.2 million candelas of light, to warn, signal, or distract in environments where a stand-off distance is desired. Each munition is manufactured to deflagrate at a set distance of either 50 or 100 meters from the point of origin, and at an altitude of 20 feet. Launched from a 12-gauge platform, these munitions give the operator the ability to engage people, vehicles, or vessels from a safe, stand-off position.

Prop 65 Warning
  • Designed to travel the indicated distance and deflagrate 20 feet above the target when shotgun is held at a 5° elevation angle
  • Delivers a sound and light output, which is noticeable in day or night conditions
  • Produces 170 dB of sound output at 5 feet
  • Produces 2.2 million candelas for 7.5 milliseconds
  • Not regulated by ATF