Hindi Baton Cap™ for Monadnock® Classic Friction Lock Batons

HINDI BATON CAP™ is tested and proven to be the safest, most effective baton accessory to date. The Hindi Baton Cap offers unparalleled advantages, and comes endorsed and recommended by numerous police agencies, top trainers and use-of-force experts. The Cap provides a quicker way for your hand to identify and locate the baton while in a holder. With a safer, more reliable baton grip, it prevents slippage or loss during draw and is a faster, more comfortable draw in any situation, from any style holder or duty belt position. Provides maximum retention and prevents baton loss when baton expands open. HINDI BATON CA is also available for AutoLock® [ HG 21/22 Hindi Baton Cap].

  • Provides added baton retention
  • Easier to pick up the baton off a flat surface
  • More effectively draw baton from holder
  • Fits 21″ / 22″ AutoLock batons