Delta 4

Delta 4™ Helmet/Face Shield/Nape Curtain Kit

The Delta 4™ ballistic helmet is a traditional ACH style helmet known for its durability, performance and overall ballistic protection [NIJ 0106.01 compliant and modified to address higher type IIIA rounds and velocities].

The Delta 4 (bolted) is the most accommodating ballistic helmet offered by Monadnock® Riot Gear, as it is compatible with all available retention systems and optional accessories.


Product ID Model Size
123 S/M Delta 4 S/M
456 L/XL Delta 4 L/XL
  • NIJ 0106.01 Tested, Modified to address Type IIIA rounds & velocities
  • V50 ≥ 2058 fps (627 mps), 17 gr.
  • Bolted Variant (see Delta 4 Boltless product page for other options)
  • Available in Full-, Mid- and High-Cut
  • Compatible with the following optional accessories: Rail Set, NVG Shroud, Bungee Set, VELCRO® Brand Kit and TCI Communication Systems