Direct Impact® 40mm Adjustable Range Round, Inert

The 40mm Direct Impact® Adjustable Round has evolved from the Defense Technology® design of the Direct Impact® standard and extended range rounds. This lightweight, high-speed projectile incorporates a plastic body and a frangible foam nose which is spin stabilized via the incorporated rifling collar and the 40mm launcher’s rifled barrel. The round utilizes smokeless powder as the propellant and has velocities that are extremely consistent.

The 40mm Direct Impact® Adjustable Range Round consists of a plastic body and a crushable foam nose that contains a powder payload. This payload area can hold inert, marking, OC or CS powder. The crushable foam nose dissipates energy upon impact while releasing the powder payload.

The projectile design has a unique user-adjustable patented gas-bleed feature, which allows kinetic energy to be adjusted for two design points addressing close-in and extended range engagements.

In the opened position, the standard range velocity allows for engagements of 1.5 – 40 meters. In the closed position, the extended range velocity allows for engagements of 40 – 70 meters.

US Patent Serial No. 8,618,455

Color Code Abbreviation Chemical Odor Physiological Effects Chemical Classification
Orange OC Oleoresin Capsicum None
  • Affects respiratory system
  • Not as persistent as CS or CN
Red CN Chloroacetophenone Apple blossoms or cherries
  • Causes tearing / involuntary closure of eyes
  • Mild effects, short incapacitation
  • Stining / burning sensation to eyes, mouth, throat, nasal passages
  • 5 times more toxic than CS, but less effective
Blue CS Orthochlorobenzal-malononitrile Pungent and Peppery
  • Burning sensation to the skin
  • Causes tearing, tightness in chest, feeling of suffocation
  • 10 times more effective than CN
  • Possible mental disorientation
Green Marking N/A None N/A None
Black Inert N/A None N/A None