Distraction Device® Reloadable Body

The Low Roll® Distraction Device® is a reloadable gun steel body with hex design. This newest version of the first reusable non-bursting canisters limits movement and rolling once deployed. The diameter of the hex design body is 2.0 in., 5.0 cm. overall length is 5.0 in., 12.7 cm. The Low Roll bodies’ ergonomic features complement its powerful output of light, sound and twelve top port configuration which results in an even distribution of gases from the opposing ends of the canister. The distinctive shape and capabilities are tools for dynamic entries for police, corrections, and military tactical teams worldwide. The training reload are to be used only when they are screwed into the Distraction Device® body.

Prop 65 Warning


Poor storage conditions will significantly reduce the shelf life of Distraction Device® and Stinger® products, resulting in the replacement of the product sooner than necessary or the possible use of defective products. Humidity and heat are the two most damaging factors that destroy Distraction Devices and Stingers.

The projectiles and grenades should be stored in a controlled atmosphere with temperatures between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit with less than 60% relative humidity.

Munitions should remain sealed in their shipping containers until they are to be used or placed in a call out box.

Never store the grenades and projectiles in the trunk of a car for prolonged periods. The heat may cause the munitions to deteriorate. Exposure to high temperatures can cause the agent to melt, plugging the ports. The unit then has the potential for becoming a fragmentation grenade.

The worst situation for munitions is changes from extreme cold to hot or vice versa.

Storage for 24 hours or more is not recommended for temperatures below –20 degrees Fahrenheit especially in high moisture situations. The munitions may still perform but perhaps at a diminished level.

Black Powder rounds are more sensitive to cold than smokeless rounds.

Pyrotechnic grenades are the least sensitive to colder temperatures because of their chemical makeup.

Stored munitions should be inspected for physical integrity and a representative sample functioned twice a year. Munitions that have surpassed the warranty of 5 YEARS should be replaced.


The following information is intended only to provide general information for our customers. It is extremely important that anyone using our chemical products comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We recommend that you consult with appropriate legal counsel or governmental authorities prior to disposing of any of our chemical products.

In 1976, Congress enacted a law entitled, The Resource Conservations and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA). This law was intended to protect human health and the environment from imprudent disposal of “hazardous wastes.”

Outdated or otherwise unusable pyrotechnic items are considered “hazardous waste” under RCRA and are assigned the EPA hazardous waste code of D00 1 due to their ignitable characteristic. Disposal of these items must be done in accordance with all applicable Federal and/or State laws. Many states have hazardous waste management programs that are much more stringent than Federal law. For this reason, you should check with the EPA Regional Office to determine to what extent these laws apply to you.