Front Draw® 45° Locking Clip-On Baton Holder for AutoLock® Batons

The Front Draw® 45° Locking Holder for AutoLock® Batons is made of durable polycarbonate and is available in both plain or basketweave finishes, clip-on belt loop and locks in a 45° angle. The baton may be re-holstered in the locked position either open or closed, as necessary, saving time to control the suspect.


Product ID Model Baton Length Finish
1000220 3030/L 21" Plain
1000225 3034/L 22" or 26" Plain
1000235 3042/L 18" Plain
1000238 3056/L 26" LC Plain
1000272 3630/L 21" Basket Weave
1000275 3634/L 22" or 26" Basket Weave
1000278 3642/L 18" Basket Weave
1000280 3656/L 26" LC Basket Weave

• 45° locking versions and 8 locking positions; also available in 360° swivel capability
• Multi-position clip-on holder with molded tension springs for baton security
• Concave molded bottom to accommodate Power Safety Tip®
• Convex half moon bottom for standard and Safety Tip® models