Launcher Carry System Bag

Defense Technology® releases the Launcher Carry System (LCS). This high grade nylon launcher case is the core of the system. It is fitted with an integrated water bladder and  a cushioned, removable cummerbund belt. The three outward facing sides are covered in MOLLE loop system to accommodate the accessories pouches. The bag is designed to accommodate the model 1325 Defense Technology® Single Launcher or a Penn Arms Multi-Launcher. The Defense Technology logo is embroidered in subdued color.


Product ID Model Color
1326783 1840 Black
1326784 1850 Olive
1326785 1860 Orange

• Multi-function bag for grenadier officer
• Able to carry single or multi-launcher
• For tactical or mobile field force deployments
• Safariland® MLS, QLS, ELS Quick Attachment System compatible
• Choose one of two Accessory Pouch Kits (sold separately) to complete system
• Available in Black or Olive