Pepper Fog OC, 1 Quart

OC Pepper Fogger Formulation for the generator produces massive clouds of agent on demand. Perfect for large disorderly crowds, or correction units. Refills come in OC, CN, CS and Saf-Smoke™. When used in a static position, the cloud envelops a crowd as the wind carries it. When deployed from a vehicle, or aircraft, the cloud can be placed as needed, depending on environmental conditions. One generator with minimum movement, could cover a football field size area with agent in minutes.

The fogger unit is applicable to any crisis or control situation that requires extended area coverage. In a law enforcement/outside civil disturbance situation, the unit can be used for routing and movement of large crowds. Applications in a corrections environment would include inmate control in a DOC situation to clear or control larger numbers, either indoors or out (yard or dining facility). The type of agent used would be determined by the location (enclosed or open air) and whether or not the object was to route/direct the crowd, or subdue in place of arrest and control.

The #4060 OC Pepper Fogger Formulation is used in the #3032 Golden Eagle Pepper Fogger Generator. The Generator unit operates on a thermal aerosol principle using extreme heat to vaporize the OC liquid formulation. It is capable of producing 100,000 cubic feet of irritant in 26 seconds.