40mm Ground Marker OC 100m

The 40mm Ground Marker munition is designed to deliver a pyrotechnic smoke or irritant payload downrange to specified distances.  The spin stabilized projectile and smokeless propulsion system produce extremely consistent velocities and range to the target.  Applications for this product include crowd direction and control, marking, and obscuration.

The 40mm Ground Marker munitions are designed to travel to their respective distances when the launcher is held at a 30 degree elevation angle. Each munition has a tactile reference on the nose of the projectile to indicate the designated distance for that particular round.

Prop 65 Warning

• Munitions consists of a plastic body and nose that contains a smoke or an irritant payload.
• Payload will initiate after a one to two second delay and continues burning once it hits the ground.
• These munitions have a 20 to 40 second discharge time.



Remove affected person from the contaminated area to an open space, facing the wind.
Keep subject calm and restrict activity.
Most subjects will be well on their way to total recovery 45 minutes after first aid begins.

II. EYES: Intense burning sensation, temporary inflammation of the tissues around the eyes, causing involuntary closure.
Wash eyes out with large amounts of cool water.
DO NOT allow the subject to rub their eyes or face. If the need arises to use a paper towel, use a blotting motion and discard after one use.
Find out if subject is wearing contact lenses. If so, allow them to remove the lenses or call EMS to remove them. DO NOT attempt to remove unless medically trained to do so. Contacts may become contaminated and may need to be discarded.
Keep eyes open facing wind.
Tearing helps clear the eyes.
Keep exposed subjects out of direct sun light during the decontamination process. The brighter and hotter the direct sunlight is, the more it enhances the burning sensation.

III. NOSE: Irritation, burning sensation, nasal discharge.
Breathe normally.
Blow nose to discharge any material.

IV. SKIN: Burning sensation on affected skin areas. Redness may occur on fair skinned individuals.
DO NOT apply creams, salves, oils, lotions or burn cream as they will only trap the OC on the skin.
Flush the skin with large amounts of cool water and expose the subject to fresh air.
Further relief may be gained by showering with cool water using mild soap and shampooing hair. Wash thoroughly, rinsing often to manage any contaminated water on your body.
Contact Defense Technology® with any questions regarding these procedures


STEP 1: Ventilate the building to remove airborne OC. Open all doors and windows that weather permits. This should be accomplished as soon as possible. If fans can be placed to increase ventilation, this will help.

STEP 2: Surfaces can be decontaminated by washing with water or a damp cloth. Wet clean where possible, using commercially available detergents like Dawn or Simple Green.

STEP 3: Clothing and other fabrics can be cleaned in their usual manner (either by machine washing or dry cleaning).

NOTE: Rubber gloves and a gauze face mask should be used by personnel during the clean-up stage to prevent the possibility of residual contamination. OC is a better indoor deployment option than CN or CS, as positive clean up and re-occupation of the structure can usually take place within one to two hours. Minimal clean-up costs need be imposed on the deploying agency.