40mm Ground Marker Saf-Smoke™ 300m

The 40mm Ground Marker munition is designed to deliver a pyrotechnic smoke or irritant payload downrange to specified distances.  The spin stabilized projectile and smokeless propulsion system produce extremely consistent velocities and range to the target.  Applications for this product include crowd direction and control, marking, and obscuration.

The 40mm Ground Marker munitions are designed to travel to their respective distances when the launcher is held at a 30 degree elevation angle. Each munition has a tactile reference on the nose of the projectile to indicate the designated distance for that particular round.

Prop 65 Warning

• Munitions consists of a plastic body and nose that contains a smoke or an irritant payload.
• Payload will initiate after a one to two second delay and continues burning once it hits the ground.
• These munitions have a 20 to 40 second discharge time.