Spede-Heat™ 40 mm Short-Range Round, CS

The Spede-Heat™ 40mm Short Range CS Round incorporates an aluminum shell and utilizes black powder as the propellant. The Spede-Heat™ 40mm Short Range Round is designed to deliver one dual-ported chemical canister from a 40mm launcher 75 yards to the intended target zone.

The Spede-Heat™ 40mm Short Range CS Round is most widely used as a crowd management tool by Law Enforcement and Corrections for the rapid deployment of chemical agent from a 40mm launcher. The Spede-Heat™ 40mm Round contains one (1) canister ported on each end.

The Spede-Heat™ 40mm Round is designed for outdoor use and has fire-producing capability. It is not intended for barricade penetration. Do NOT fire directly at personnel, as serious injury or death may result.

Prop 65 Warning
  • Single dual-ported canister will travel 75 yards
  • Can hold a chemical (CS or CN) payload or colored smoke
  • Allows for an effective and rapidly developed release line regardless of your position relative to the target group